Food, Mercenaries and Guns.

02 May

Doug asked where we can donate food.

I don't believe you donate food to Darfur but you donate money to organizations that then give them food, as the type of food we give to charities here we can't send there as is obvious. The UN was air dropping food at one time of course now they are cutting off food sources as we noted earlier here.



Doctors without Borders

I'm hardly authoratative on this though.

There is a list of charities at Charity Watch with a rating system these three being the best, meaning the lowest amount of administrative cost.

Seriously though, after having discussed this with friends on the way home from DC.. as much as this is all well and good it is way too late and symbolically a type of physical rhetoric. What we need to send them is a few thousand, or maybe more, mercenaries. We need to arm them and allow them to shoot the living crap out of the Janjaweed. If we are not going to do it then we need to give them what they need to do it or there won’t be any need to send them food.


Posted by on May 2, 2006 in Aid, The Sudan


3 responses to “Food, Mercenaries and Guns.

  1. joe g

    May 2, 2006 at 10:53 am

    Hesistantly, as it may be, I am going to agree with you on the later.

  2. robert

    May 2, 2006 at 4:11 pm

    Got here from nyt/ kristoff link .

    What you say is closer to the truth than we would like to admit.

    The fact that they are now heading toward starvation, the fact that only now when celebrities issue the call does anyone listen, the fact that this has been occurring for several years and we have been blissfully ignorant of it.

    ” Symbolically like a form of physical rhetoric” is exactly what it is.

    It is all we have right now and I will take it.

    I’m sure someone could figure out a way to arm them and maybe that is the answer.

  3. dane

    May 2, 2006 at 7:56 pm

    I believe the faith based charites often have more administrative costs although some more so than others.

    I am not against your mercenary suggestion . It is good that all of a sudden there is more publicity but if as you say this has been going on for two years and the obstacles keep cropping up to any sort of solution and people just keep dying then maybe it is not bad idea to arm them and tell them to start shooting. If they have endured the hardships that are described than no harm will be done to their psyche by arming them.


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