Darfur: Does any of this really mean anything?

06 May

Sick of: Politics, power, religion and the quest for power and control via wealth or through religion that in the end is going to cause the destruction of the very world that the power brokers seek to control. In the end it really won't matter. Will any of these agreements mean anything in the end even if they do get signed?

NEWS ANALYSIS Rebel groups' snub may doom new Darfur peace deal / SFGATE.COM

"Unless the right spirit, unless the right attitude and right disposition is there, this document isn't worth the paper it is signed on," warned Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, host of the drawn-out Darfur talks in Abuja, the Nigerian capital

It’s all such bullshit.

Darfur: Crisis Continues from The Council on Foreign Relations.

Author: Carin Zissis

May 4, 2006

But in spite of U.S. pleas for an end to the genocide, experts note the United States will not be sending troops or making the conflict a policy priority. "It's not going to happen because we're already mired down in one Muslim country and the Muslim world would be furious if we took action in Sudan," says Collins, referring to the U.S. campaign in Iraq. As Gene B. Sperling, a CFR senior fellow, recently wrote, after President Bush's February call for doubling peacekeeping efforts in Darfur, "the White House immediately seemed to downplay Bush's comments." Adds Cohen: "Sudan is not a main strategic interest for the United States." Do experts expect a resolution to the crisis? Some are cynical about the UN's ability to maintain peace in the region. "I really hate to say this, but a year from now—two years, three years—Darfur will be like it is today," says Collins. But Prendergast says deployment of UN troops to protect Darfurians “would be a great advance.” Any compromise agreed upon by Khartoum must recognize Sudan's diversity, experts say. "A peaceful future for Sudan," Cohen says, "is going to be about power-sharing, wealth-sharing, and realizing that the country is multi-religious and multi-ethnic."

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