Disturbing Darfur Dilemma’s

08 May

Canada doesn't have military capacity to help in Darfur: O'Connor JEFF SALLOT Globe and Mail Update

Canada doesn't have military capacity to help in Darfur: O'Connor JEFF SALLOT Globe and Mail Update Ottawa — The Canadian army doesn't have enough soldiers to deploy to the Darfur crisis in Sudan while maintaining its current commitment to Afghanistan, Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor said Monday. Mr. O'Connor told a Senate committee on national security that the military has sufficient ground troops to remain in Afghanistan indefinitely. ”We would be challenged to take anything else on,” he testified. He later told reporters that in a pinch the air force or the navy might be able to provide some sort of assistance if an international force is assembled to try to police a future peace agreement in Darfur, where civil war has killed thousands and displaced many thousands more. But the army won't have soldiers to take on any new mission for at least several years, he said. The military hopes to recruit and train 13,000 personnel for all three services in the next several years.

African Union Official Is Hacked to Death in Darfur.

By LYDIA POLGREEN Published: May 8, 2006 /NYT

KALMA CAMP, Sudan, May 8 — An African Union official was hacked to death in this vast, squalid camp today after his post, manned by an unarmed team of eight civilian police officers, was overrun and looted by a mob of angry demonstrators.

"We don't want this peace," shouted Siddiq Abakar Moussa, one of the menacing youths who gathered in the camp to denounce the peace deal. "This is not our peace. We need the United Nations force to protect us." One banner denounced the leader of the other Sudan Liberation Army faction that signed the agreement, Minni Arcua Minnawi. "To the Darfur Arco Minawi is destroyer," it read. "Ruinous subverter. He is a very bad in our country." As Mr. Egeland's convoy left one part of the camp, a small group of protesters tried to stab an aid worker whom they suspected of being a government spy.

Before the killing, protesters and camp residence said they were frustrated with the African Union because it was not doing enough to protect them and demanded that a United Nations force be sent at once. The U.N. is organizing such a force and the Sudanese government has said it will accept it now that a peace agreement has been signed, but it will take many months to arrive.

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