U.N. envoy flees mob in Darfur

08 May

AU interpreter killed as UN aid chief tours Darfur

KALMA CAMP, Sudan (Reuters) – Angry demonstrators killed a Sudanese interpreter working with African Union forces in Darfur on Monday in riots which broke out during a senior UN official's visit to a camp for displaced Sudanese. Jan Egeland, the UN under-secretary for humanitarian affairs, said the man was killed in an African Union police station after Egeland and his entourage beat a hasty retreat from the Kalma camp in the face of violent protests.

This certainly will not be easy.

An Addendum from the New Republic: Bleeding hearts no help to Darfur ANALYSIS The New Republic May 09, 2006 via The Australian News.

The discussion of Darfur, even by many people whose outrage is sincere, has become a festival of bad faith. Everybody wants to do everything but what must be done. It is the season of heartless bleeding hearts.

Again, as in too late so what do we expect.

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Posted by on May 8, 2006 in News and Info, opinion, The Sudan


One response to “U.N. envoy flees mob in Darfur

  1. jacob

    May 8, 2006 at 12:16 pm

    See my comment below. After reading some of your opinons, after reading some of the articles you cited and after doing some research on my own I find that this is not surprising and only hope that this does not deter us from doing what we have to do.


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