UN-Sudan talks fail as Darfur deadline passes; What can we really do?

24 May

UN-Sudan talks fail as Darfur deadline passes

Top United Nations officials failed to gain Sudan’s agreement to allow a technical team to plan the deployment of UN troops to the violent Darfur region as a Security Council deadline expired on Wednesday.

It is all for nothing of pressure is not put on the government of Sudan. This is not a case where treading lightly is going to do any good. We know the history of this country and this continent and we are nothing if not complicit in aiding this history to repeat itself. When does firm and immediate action take place? Why not immediately and firmly?

If the hastily prepared agreement was flawed, as some would argue due to want of a political one-upmanship on Hu Jintao, and if the kid-glove treatment meted out to the Sudan regime, which the Western press and opinion have been remarkably silent about, is just that than pressure should be firmer than ever. Will this then again be a token or will this stance of moral hostility toward the Khartoum continue and necessitate an immediate increased political action in order to provide immediate humanitarian relief.

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One response to “UN-Sudan talks fail as Darfur deadline passes; What can we really do?

  1. Dale Bo

    May 25, 2006 at 2:15 pm

    The situation as it is is so loaded with things far more complicated than can be eased with just a few rallies. The agreements have never been enforced in the past and the pressure needs to be put solidly on the Sudan. Similar to having immigration laws which were never enforced and making new laws which will never be enforced. Agreements mean nothing if the there are no consequences. There have never been consequences.


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