Darfur: A treaty that could work.

23 Jun

Does the solution to Darfur lie not in peace treaties but in food, medicine and bringing the countries into the twenty first century?

I have been an advocate for Darfur and preventing further/stopping the genocide since long before any of my friends even knew that Darfur was a region in a country, in Africa, known as Sudan.

I am a great believer in humanitarian aid.

It has often been pointed out to me that humanitarian aid is all well and good but…. in the case of Sudan their history – the colonialism, the overt and ongoing corruptions, the inability or refusal of leaders to learn from past mistakes, and even the “oil gods”, (which National Geographic called “monsters which can crush you” back in their September 2005 Africa special Issue), make the obstacles to real peace insurmountable. Humanitarianism then becomes simply a band aid we will never take off.

Of course all that is a significant part of the story and it seems easy to disregard humanitarian aid as something necessary and nice, but not something that is going to really change the state of a continent or even a country.

I hear, and agree to a point, but with a twist that until the government of Sudan takes action to protect their people, and show a willingness to prosecute those that pose a threat to their people, what we do there is really going to amount to nil.

In my twisted opinon it is quite possible that humanitarian aid alone, if really given in much stronger doses than it is now, will be the only thing that in the end can save


Huge UN funded humanitarian aid.

If we are not going to bulldoze them over with our military finesse, and if we are going to pussyfoot around playing delicately with the leaders, who quite frankly need a lot more than a peace agreements – as we've seen time and time again – to entice them to save their own people, then humanitarian aid is all we got.

In Darfur – where the “corporate sentiment of oneness” is smaller than the existing civil state, or nonexistent; where there appears to be nothing to ignite that one significant allegiance to the state, nothing to transcend the racial, tribal, linguistic, political and religious differences within the state and give rise to some sentiment of oneness – humanitarianism may be the only way to solve the problems long term.

What we must do is feed the hungry, and treat the diseased. We must do it well and we must do it with greater veracity, organization, with significantly increased expediency and on a much larger scale than we are doing now.

Humanitarianism with a specific goal and with an end in sight, finite, tactical, goal oriented, UN funded and initiated, large scale humanitarianism !

In the end that would be better than to call what is happening genocide and then continue to do what has not worked in the past.

When poverty is imminent and constant, when disease is prevalent, when no real access to the modern world seems possible and when there is no other solution……….shit happens. It's happening in Darfur. We can fix that.

In the end maybe a health and nutrition treaty would be a better idea.

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2 responses to “Darfur: A treaty that could work.

  1. weirsdo

    June 24, 2006 at 7:18 am

    At least it’s a new idea. But wouldn’t massive humanitarian aid require military support, lest it be stolen and corrupted?

  2. cooper

    June 24, 2006 at 12:00 pm

    It would of course but if all else was disregarded and we stopped
    trying to make treaties in which we regulate behaviors we will never have control over and were only interested in the humanitarian aspect and therefore put our all soley into that a treaty in which we would be allowed to actually give real and substantial humanitarian aid and if the goals of the humanitarian project were clear and finite then we would have a better chance.


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