From bad to worse in Darfur despite Peace Deal………..

10 Jul

The clock ticks. Sudan heads for disaster

A COUNTDOWN of less than 90 days has begun until the vulnerable people of Darfur are abandoned by world leaders who cannot make a decision — whether to protect them or leave them at the mercy of a Government that has killed at least a quarter of a million and driven millions more from their land. The scene is set for the world’s worst humanitarian crisis to tip from bad to worse. The head of the African Union mission to Darfur, Baba Gana Kingibe, has said it is willing to hold the fort in Darfur until the end of the year. But if there is no date soon for the UN to deploy troops in Darfur, then the African Union mission will not wait; the 7,000 African soldiers will be pulled out on September 30.

Bloody battle in northern Darfur

Sudan’s Darfur region has seen its bloodiest few days since the signing of a peace agreement over two months ago.

Darfur: An IRC aid worker’s firsthand report

By Peter Biro The IRC’s

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