Darfur: What Should the U.S. Do?

13 Jul

Link to an excellent commentary by Bill Fletcher junior. Darfur: What the U.S. should do

There are some things that the Bush administration can do; the only question is whether they are prepared to actually do them.

The Darfur crisis must be resolved by Africans.

Any suggestion of NATO troops or U.S. troops entering in and forcing a solution will simply not work.

Leadership for the resolution of the crisis must come from the African Union.

Admittedly, the African Union is weak, indeed, in many respects it is just getting off the ground. Precisely for that reason, its on-going efforts need to be supported.

If the Bush administration wishes to help, then let them support the African Union financially and diplomatically. Provide the AU with sufficient logistical support to deploy more peacekeepers. Provide assistance for the refugees currently living in neighboring Chad, and those internally displaced within the Sudan.

I wish that I had confidence that the Bush administration could play a positive role in international affairs. All evidence points to the contrary. Thus, my conclusion tends to be that which is the first instruction to physicians: do no harm!


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3 responses to “Darfur: What Should the U.S. Do?

  1. boo friedmann

    July 13, 2006 at 3:41 pm

    I agree with you completely. The key here is the UN, and unfortunately, that doesn’t lend much hope. Darfur is a lesson (again) about responding to a conflict before it rages out of control. And the US or Europeans cannot intervene with ground troops at this point because of the world view that we are imperialist powers (not that you can blame a nation for believing that).

    The other key is the people. United pressure, along with national interests, has always forced governments to pay attention. But how do we do that, when it’s not even shown on the news. At what point does genocide become newsworthy?? It is the burden of the people to prove that the world works better, in the long term and in the short term, when genocide and human rights violations do not exist.

    Great blog … I’ll check it out often!

  2. Bennet

    July 14, 2006 at 1:52 am

    Yes, I agree, however expecting our President to do anything that doesn’t suit his agenda is beyond wishful thinking.

    Onward, we shall see…

  3. Dane

    July 14, 2006 at 1:17 pm

    The president of this country ,at this time is impotent in his quest to help Darfur. If the political motivation is not there to aid the people of the Sundan to help themselves it isn’t going to happen.

    Darfur need to be shoved in everyone’s face every day .

    The African Union does have to do the job; we need to support them and keep increasing our support of them until something works.


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