Darfur Deer?

15 Jul

A couple of reads from the last few days on the crisis in the Sundan.

A Dying Deal in Darfur A Dying Deal in Darfur

Sudanese delegation to Chad soon for talks on normalizations Sudanese delegation to Chad soon for talks on normalizations

Interesting letter to the editor

Save anger for Darfur or Iraq

To the Editor: Wow. Sometimes the solution is right in front of your face. In a recent paper, Joyce Ormen of Rockaway wrote that she is “disgusted, sickened, and outraged.

“She has these feelings because she and her daughter can no longer watch deer out her back window. “Heartless developers” have removed the open land (excuse me?).

She has “anger, sorrow and grief.” Ormen wants to “strongly consider moving more closely to where animals are free to enjoy land equally with humans.”

Here’s your solution: Move over to page A9. There is an informative article on some gorgeous Morris County trails, complete with deer. You could have seen one on page A13.

Or in my lettuce patch out my back window. But, please, save your anger, etc., for words like shootings, abuse, Darfur or Baghdad.

Admittedly I often feel this way when when reading or hearing people use words such as “anger”, “sorrow” and “grief” in regard to things like a few missing deer.

We all have the right to be outraged at whatever we wish. Relatively free people who live in a relatively democratic society can, on full bellies, be outraged by the missing deer. The deer they so often hit with their cars and then disparage.

Let’s hope that someday the people of Darfur can be outraged by their missing wildlife instead of by the rape of their bodies, minds and their lives.

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