Khartoum hardly notices as Darfur dies.

15 Aug

From the blog Bullets and Honey a first person account of a fact that Darfur is even but a passing thought to people in Khartoum.

The situation in Darfur scarcely seems impact this city. To be here, you would never imagine that there could be such intense suffering in some other part of the country. Politically, one of the more striking sights is of the numerous posters of John Garang on buildings and street lights. In the few conversations I have had with ordinary folk on the peace with the SPLM, I have felt that there was a genuine desire for peace. But will it last I wonder? Should South Sudan opt to secede during the 2011 referendum, I wonder if the peace will be maintained. I hope I get to see more of the country, especially the South. Sudan has always loomed large in my imagination and yet I find that I am so deeply ignorant of it and its complexities.

And now in Darfur: Darfur-After 3 months peace, human destruction reaches its crescendo

After 3 months peace, human destruction reaches its crescendo

“Plans for a transition from an African Union to a UN force in Darfur remain caught in a prolonged tug-of-war within the UN Security Council. Khartoum continues its refusal, now of many months, to allow the necessary peacekeeping force into Darfur under a Chapter VII mandate, a refusal backed by the threat of a Chinese veto. France has also consistently worked against commitment of the substantial peacemaking resources required in Darfur. Lack of US leadership and diplomatic commitment has ensured that no effective consensus can emerge from Security Council debate.”

“At the same time, Western funding for the African Union force in Darfur is no longer enough to sustain even the last days of what has always been a stop-gap measure. Facing acute resource and leadership limitations, the effectiveness of the AU mission has collapsed as it completes a chaotic and badly under-funded deployment out of Darfur. There will be no orderly transition from the AU mission to a possible UN operation (which in any event remains indeterminate in mandate and strength), despite nominal commitments from various international actors over the past nine months. A total absence of international guarantors of civilian protection on the ground in Darfur seems imminent.”

thanks to Jason for link.

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