Impotence and allowing Darfur to Whither.

21 Aug

Worth noting the Arab league backs the Sudan refusal for UN peacekeeping troops.

The UN is nothing but a rhetorical body as far as I am concerned; their basic impotence in this and many other instances is only show that more clearly as time progresses.

What good are they?

Frankly no good in a situation that has called for immediacy since it began several years ago. We have gotten nowhere.

We need to rip that suit and tie off that “rebel leader” too, and expose his loved ones to the rape and brutality that the citizens of Darfur have been exposed to.

Worthless UN and apparent corrupt central government sipping on whatever they sip on in Khartoum cafes.

We need here what we needed in Iraq and didn’t get either….a full out total and continuous assault be it by finances, force, or both.

I think it is well past time for real action.

International Crisis Group.

From ZNET Africa: Whither Darfur.

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Posted by on August 21, 2006 in Africa, Bookmarks, The Sudan


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