Amnesty International: Troop Deployment Could be Catastrophe

28 Aug

Darfur faces ‘catastrophe’

Steve Bloomfield, The Independent (UK), Aug. 28

The troubled Sudanese region of Darfur could be facing another human rights “catastrophe” if the government in Khartoum follows a plan to deploy 26,000 troops there, Amnesty International has warned…

The United Nations Security Council meets in New York today to discuss a plan to send 20,000 peacekeepers to Darfur, but Sudan has revealed its own “protection plan” for the millions of displaced people in refugee camps across the region. Amnesty said the build-up of Sudanese troopscould lead to a “human rights catastrophe” if not prevented…

…Sudan’s suspicion of the West was highlighted at the weekend when a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Paul Salopek, was charged in a Sudanese court with espionage…


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Sudan: Government troop build-up in Darfur signals looming human rights crisis

Press Release, Amnesty International , Aug. 28

…”Eyewitnesses in al-Fasher in North Darfur are telling us that Sudanese government military flights are flying in troops and arms on a daily basis,” said Kate Gilmore, Amnesty International’s Executive Deputy Secretary General.

“Displaced people in Darfur are absolutely terrified that the same soldiers that expelled them from their homes and villages may now be sent supposedly to protect them.”…


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One response to “Amnesty International: Troop Deployment Could be Catastrophe

  1. weirsdo

    August 28, 2006 at 5:19 pm

    It certainly sounds like the fox guarding the henhouse.


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