Darfur rebel JEM praises civilians’ protection in UN resolution

08 Sep

Darfur rebel JEM praises civilians’ protection in UN resolution

A Darfur rebel group welcomed “commendable” aspects of the UN resolution on Darfur to protect civilians. However, the group says this resolution means to implement a deal rejected by Darfur people.

In a position paper on the UN resolution n° 1706 on the deployment of international force into Darfur, the rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) admitted “the positive components” “represented in the intended protection of Darfur civilians and restoration of human rights”.

Nevertheless, the holdout rebel group blamed the resolution for several reasons, saying it “undermines political and economic demands of its people”. JEM considers that this resolutions means to impose à deal that Darfur people rejects. The resolution ignores “the legitimate political, economic and cultural rights”. It ignores the Darfur political forces and threatens them for their opposition to the DPA.

Certainy ” the people ” of Darfur are sick and tired of rape and war and murder.

I grow weary of all this political maneuvering while women are still being raped and children are starving.

The world grows weary of things having to be said and done in tiny steps while people continue to die.

We look on this with shame and horror. Crimes of humanity that persist due to economic and political concerns are vile and will haunt this earth forver.

This will haunt us all forever.

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Posted by on September 8, 2006 in Bookmarks, Justice and Equality, The Sudan


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