Regarding Darfur – The World is a Great Pretender.

17 Sep

Sudan’s leader rejects UN troops in Darfur

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir rejected the deployment of UN peacekeeping troops in his country’s war-torn Darfur region during a meeting with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. “Justice is and remains our objective but through our diplomatic, political and other means… that’s why we reject this position,” al-Bashir said at a press conference in Havana, where he and Annan are attending the Nonaligned Movement’s summit

Blair criticises Sudan on Darfur

The prime minister called on Sudanese leaders to stop military action in the area and said he did not understand why they had rejected plans for a UN force. As many as 200,000 people are thought to have died in three years of fighting and Mr Blair urged the world not to “just watch as this tragedy deepens”.

I’m sure it doesn’t take long to figure it out Mr Blair. Brashir is a blatant murderer of his own people and it is time he is called out as such. He allows the people of Darfur to continue getting raped and murdered and displaced from their homes. Maybe we could ask China, home of the next winter Olympics, supplier of arms to the janaweed, and pillar of human rights that they are, for help – yet again. They do own almost half of the Oil there. Gee we could sure use their cooperation now couldn’t we?

I realize divesting in China is not as easy as divesting in The Sudan. In fact it is impossible without significant economic casualty, but seriously take that Winter Olympics out of the hands of China or at least find out how much they actually paid the Olympic committee for that right and see what happens.

Can the world leaders not just step up, and call a spade a spade, and Brashir and his conspirators murderers? Call them out .

Eric Reeves was right last may when he said in an interview with TNR last may.

Here, then, is what the people of Darfur are being asked to believe: that a piece of paper signed in Abuja marks a change of heart within a regime of genocidaires that has never abided by any agreement it has ever made with any Sudanese party; that these genocidaires, having been effectively granted veto power over U.N. actions in Darfur, will permit the United Nations to take actions that would end the killing; that Moscow and Beijing, loyal defenders of the National Islamic Front, will soon abandon their old allies in Khartoum and allow U.N. troops to deploy with an appropriate mandate; that, while waiting for a U.N. force that is either not coming or is likely coming without the tools to stop the genocide, an existing African Union mission that has failed to protect Darfuris for two years will suddenly protect them now. In short, they are being asked to accept the genocidal status quo. Never has it been more obvious that only NATO military action can save Darfur. The people of Darfur have been waiting for help for three years.

If working through the United Nations is the best the international community has to offer, they will be waiting for a long time to come.

Call them out and then send in the big guns or stop trying to pretend you intend to stop this genocide.


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3 responses to “Regarding Darfur – The World is a Great Pretender.

  1. Andreas Kiaby

    September 17, 2006 at 5:14 pm

    Well. Nothing new.

    If the West wanted to do some in Darfur, they would have done it by now. Even the US has only committed logistic support. No Western government is yet ready to let white people shed blood in Darfur. They say so, but where is the action?

    Right now all the Western nations are blaming China and Russia for UN inaction, but I bet that they clap their hands in the corridors – happy that there is an excuse for not sending troops to Darfur.

    It is the sad, ugly and brutal truth..

    Therefore we, the peoples, have to keep out governments commited to the promise issued one year ago at the global summit. Here world leaders declared that we all have a responsibility to protect. It seems are leaders are running away from that promise, will we let them?

    Andreas – The Oslo Blog –

  2. cooper

    September 17, 2006 at 10:32 pm

    The US has committed monetary support and when the president of a country is willing to sell the souls of his people, because the losses at this time are heavily women and children and are therefore expendable, what would you suggest.

    I somehow doubt they clap their hands in any corridor but at some point Sudan will have to stop referring to history and start making new history. The Sudan will have to start accepting responsibility for the lives of their own people and stop purchasing arms from China, arms that are helping to annihilate the people of Darfur.

    We must do all we can if it means hounding our governments or hounding our educational and finacial institutions to divest in Sudan.

  3. Andreas Kiaby

    September 20, 2006 at 7:00 am

    Hi Cooper,

    Clapping in their hands are perhap not the right word…

    But there is a serious change that even if China and Russia stop obstructing decisions, things will still go too slow. And that is why we also have to keep up the pressure on our own governments to put words into action.

    Andreas – The Oslo Blog


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