Jane Holl Lute: ” Without at least the consent of the Sudanese government, it would be nearly impossible for the UN to place or even maintain a force in Darfur, much less a successful one. “

26 Sep

Jane Holl Lute, UN Assistant Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations, recently explained certain UN actions concerning Darfur, Lebanon, and elsewhere as a guest at The People Speak Blog:

Not many people know this, but the United Nations’ peacekeeping force represents the world’s second largest deployed military operational presence in the world.

“In August, the Security Council voted to create three important and large new peacekeeping missions — in Lebanon, Timor-Leste and Darfur. But these are only the most recent examples of the world’s increasing reliance on UN peacekeeping. During my three years as the Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, we have been asked by the Security Council to establish 9 new peacekeeping missions and seen UN forces triple in size….”


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