Weekend Links for Darfur.

20 Oct

Some weekend links on Darfur.

First: MySpace Announces Largest Philanthropic Program with Darfur Campaign

“The crisis in Darfur is a global concern and as a global community we have a responsibility to take action,” said Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace. “MySpace’s reach gives us an extraordinary opportunity to spread the word and empower individuals to help address the horrors in Darfur.”

On Oct. 21, more than 20 Rock For Darfur concerts will be held across North America in an effort to unite artists nationwide during one day of already-planned performances.


“All bands involved in the Rock for Darfur event will donate portions of ticket proceeds to Oxfam’s relief efforts in Sudan and neighboring Chad.


Bands participating in the Rock for Darfur campaign represent all genres including pop, rock, country and reggae and will be performing in all corners of the country.”


Well at least they are trying. I’m thinking doing the Amos Lee because he’s sweet but not sure. You can donate anyhoo via the oxfam link in the link above.

Darfur: SA ‘must act strongly’

“South Africa needs to take more assertive action on the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Sudan’s Darfur region, Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon said on Friday.


This was especially necessary in the light of its election to a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, which should mark a turning point in the country’s foreign policy, he said in his weekly newsletter, published on the DA’s SA Today website.


“Over the next two years, South Africa accordingly cannot afford to continue with a ‘business as usual’ approach to our diplomacy, whereby we have too often put historical ties and a misplaced sense of solidarity ahead of any other concerns.”


President Thabo Mbeki had not been categorical in his condemnation of the unfolding crisis in the Sudan – described by the UN itself as a “man-made catastrophe of an unprecedented scale”.

If South Africa’s presence on the Security Council was going to have any real meaning, it “must spur us to fresh efforts to resolve this conflict, and – most importantly – to save the lives of thousands of innocent civilians in Darfur”.

Newsbrief from the Genocide Intervention Network.


Interview: AL chief says AL-AU cooperation on Sudan’s Darfur issue

According to Relief Web:

In West Darfur and Eastern Chad, militias and rebel groups continue to devastate the area. Tens of thousands more civilians have been displaced throughout September. It is thought that many of them are unable to reach existing camps to receive assistance. In some areas villagers trapped by the ongoing military activity have climbed higher into the mountains to escape the violence.“Politicians cannot continue to ignore the suffering of the people of Darfur. If greater effort is not made to bring about a sustainable ceasefire to halt the violence and improve conditions on the ground, then the crisis in Darfur is going to become even worse than it already is.

The EU has offered generous funding but has done too little to provide political leadership for a concerted and coordinated effort to bring this crisis to an end,” said a spokesperson for the group.

According to the UN, recent months have seen a sharp rise in violence against both civilians and aid workers, jeopardising the humanitarian response to the crisis. At least eleven aid workers have been killed in Darfur in the last three months – more than in the rest of the three-year conflict combined.

Continued military activity means access to most areas is severely limited and an estimated 40% of people in need of humanitarian assistance are not being reached.


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