Hope is only a word.

22 Oct

Via the International Herald Tribune – For stricken Darfur, a new threat

“We don’t know what will happen next. We only fear for our lives,” said Kaltuma Ardy, who fled janjaweed attacks on her village, Jedara, in Darfur near the Chad border, three years ago. She now lives in the Oure Cassoni refugee camp, not far from where the battle between rebels and government soldiers took place.

“We need the UN to come and help us so we can have peace and go back home,” she said.

For as much criticism as people in the US get for their misplaced ideas about the Sudan and Darfur, this is what it is all about for most of us.

Like cooper said in a earlier post, the people here don’t want your country or your oil, nor do we care about your politics. Some of us even understand the history and although we don’t disregard it we want to toss it aside in light of the genocide – we do call it genocide.

What the people who are trying to activate their goverments into some purposeful action in Darfur want is what the people of Darfur want – Peace for them so they can go back home.

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