25 Oct

With elections just around the corner, we need to make every effort to push candidates and incumbents to make a pledge that, if elected, they will do more to protect the people of Darfur. Every inaction is an action that favors the Government of Sudan. Below, see how you can pressure candidates and Congress as well as find opportunities to join others in this fight for Darfur. We must continue to move forward so that those representing us can follow our lead.

Peace in Darfur,

Erin Mazursky
Georgetown, 2007

STAND’s Regional Conferences are approaching fast! Make sure you register soon for this opportunity to hear from experts, attend panels to sharpen your advocacy skills, and network with other student activists in your area.

Thanks to you, STAND’s DarfurFast was a great success, and money is still coming in! Your hard work and fundraising made a huge difference in protecting civilians and helping to end this genocide.

If you have not given us your feedback, turned in your money, or shared your stories and pictures from the event, please get in touch by emailing!

STAND will be holding a National Advocacy Day of action on November 15th! On this day, join thousands of students across the country in calling your elected officials to appropriate more funds for Darfur peacekeeping efforts.

This is an important opportunity to directly affect how the US government responds to this genocide. Click here/pdf for more information on National Advocacy Day.

Last week, STAND introduced a “Congressional Pledge” for elected leaders and congressional candidates to endorse. We need your help to mobilize and show our elected officials how much we care about their commitment to ending the genocide in Darfur.

Please click here for the most up-to-date information on how to hold your elected officials accountable.

phone: 202.481.8220

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