China and Sudan – little hope for Darfur.

03 Nov

To continue along the same line.
Time in Partnership with CNN has this.
Beijing Hosts Africa’s Leaders: Just Don’t Mention Darfur

Still, the volume of criticism has risen sharply with the summit approaching. Last week, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz blasted Chinese banks for ignoring human rights and environmental issues in their lending in Africa. In an interview with the Paris-based Les Echos daily, Wolfowitz also said there was a danger that indiscriminate lending could plunge countries that had benefited from debt relief back into the red.

But the harshest criticism has been over China’s role in Sudan, where it owns some 40% of the country’s oil production facilities. Critics charge that Beijing has failed international efforts to stop what U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan has called the genocide currently under way in the country’s Darfur region — and that China has even impeded the efforts of others to do so at the U.N.

“China insists that it will not ‘interfere’ in other countries’ domestic affairs, but it also claims to be great friend of the African people and a responsible major power,” said a statement from New York-based Human Rights Watch. “But that doesn’t square with staying silent while mass killings go on in Darfur.” The statement criticized China for blocking several U.N. resolutions aimed at forcing the government in Khartoum to cease its support for the militias blamed for much of the killing in Darfur.

It becomes more clear as it becomes murkier. This article states China owns forty percent of the oil in the Sundan; I have read recently it is more like seventy percent or at least projected to be so in the near future.

We’ve also have heard claim that the US uses The Sudan for intelligence on the Taliban.

I can see where the situation does not look good for the people of Darfur in light of all the backround noise.

Continue to make as much noise as you can.

Write , divest, protest and donate.


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