14 Nov

Relentless civil war is hurting millions of innocent women in Darfur. These girls and women are struggling to survive in cramped refugee camps where food is scarce, sexual assault is common, and medical help is almost non-existent. But there is hope. Tell our leaders to protect women from abuse, starvation, and genocide by sending humanitarian aid to Darfur!

While this situation is bleak for millions of Darfurians, women and girls are particularly at risk. They face the added horror of sexual assault and rape, which often leads to unwanted pregnancies.

It’s been over two months since the government of Sudan agreed to send help to those suffering in Darfur. But they have yet to follow through on this promise. This is our chance to reach millions of women who need help today. Speak up for the women and girls who have no voice:

The UN Security Council has already authorized a peacekeeping force, but they are not able to reach Darfur until the Sudanese government lets them enter the country. That’s why it’s so important that our leaders ramp up the pressure and demand that the peacekeepers are admitted!

In the three years since the rebel fighting started, over 400,000 women, children, and men have been killed; more than 2 million have been forced from their homes; and over 3.5 million rely completely on international aid for survival. And just the other week, the UN Secretary General’s special representative was ordered to leave the country! All the while, the number of civilian deaths in this brutal civil war continues to climb.

The situation in Darfur is shocking, but if we don’t send aid now the worst may be yet to come. Ensure that the suffering in Darfur suffer ends today by signing the petition letter to President Bush and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of women today.


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Posted by on November 14, 2006 in Africa, Aid, Bookmarks, genocide, rape


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