22 Nov

As Americans, we have a lot of privileges and opportunities to be thankful for. This Thanksgiving, remind your friends and family that along with these privileges comes the responsibility to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. Genocide is an issue that every American has a responsibility to fight, and the ability to stop.

Thank you for your continued support and energy. May this coming holiday season bring renewed hope in the fight against genocide in Darfur.

Peace in Darfur,

Last week, the United Nations reported that they had come to a tentative agreement with the Government of Sudan to send peacekeepers to Darfur. In the last few days, however, Sudan has claimed they never reached this agreement, and will not allow any UN troops to come in. It is not certain what the final verdict will be, but we do need to keep pushing. Darfur needs a UN force now!

Erin Mazursky
Executive Director
Georgetown ’07

Last week, you generated thousands of calls to Congress demanding civilian protection in Darfur. Thank you for contributing to the success of this national call-in day! Now, more than ever, the people in Darfur need your support. Congress must support African Union forces protecting civilians in Darfur. Visit the newly updated DarfurScores to see how your member of Congress did fighting genocide, and call them to urge them to do better. Now is a pivotal time in Darfur, and we must increase our pressure towards Congress.

Looking for something to do over Christmas break? The Sudan Divestment Task Force is launching divestment campaigns in over 15 states across the country. Join one today, or start your own!

enocide is an expensive venture, and although no US companies are doing business in Sudan, many multinational companies provide the revenue and cover needed to help Sudan�s genocidal government. Our tax dollars are invested in some of these companies.

Join the divestment movement and make sure that your University and state are not doing business with companies helping Sudan to carry out their genocide!

Email to get involved.

phone: 202.481.8220


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