Human Rights, the UN, the Media and Darfur.

12 Dec

Conflict spreading to neighboring Chad.

This is not new it has been happening for some time, yet an outcry of some kind or another, occurs on a daily basis as if the virus spreading across borders has just begun, as if Darfur is news. It is time the papers stopped printing the same old lame stories on Darfur.

It is time the media started calling on Sudan to take responsibility for their people.
The media has to start telling it like it is, it’s the fault of Sudan and the government of Sudan, and the government needs to be called out.

Finally it appears the UN Human Rights Council is going to meet about Darfur in an emergency session, this according to the BBC. The last session led the the Human Rights Council to reject an attempt to hold the Sudanese government responsible for stopping atrocities in Darfur, choosing instead a wimpy-ass resolution calling on “all warring parties to end abuses”.

Holding the Sudanese responsible, calling them out, is the only way. Should have been done a long time ago, and if it is not done now the Human Rights Council is more useless than most people already think it is.

Talk is cheap, and that is all anyone has been doing.

At the Dec 8th press briefing on Darfur, from Information services Human Rights Council
Chief of the Press and External Relations Section.

“Ms. Ponomareva-Piquier drew attention to the statement of the Secretary-General on the situation in Darfur. The statement says the Secretary-General is “deeply concerned about the worsening security situation in Darfur and its consequences for the wider region, including Chad and the Central African Republic. He is alarmed by the devastating impact the violence is having on the civilian population in the region, and strongly condemns the recent attacks and destruction of dozens of villages in North Darfur.” Moreover, the Secretary-General “deplores the fact that the escalating violence is cutting off almost one million people across Darfur from desperately needed humanitarian relief” and “appeals to all parties in the strongest terms to immediately cease hostilities and stop all attacks against civilians”. Copies of the statement were made available in the Press Room.”

Can you believe that ?

What good are they?

Let’s hope this turns out better.


One response to “Human Rights, the UN, the Media and Darfur.

  1. 1ofHis

    December 12, 2006 at 2:56 am

    Thank you for addressing this horror. Everyone needs to be aware so that it can finally be stopped.


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