STAND notes.

22 Dec


Exams have finished (hopefully!) and the holiday season is upon us. With humanitarian aid workers pulling out of the region just last week, we must make a renewed resolution to fight even harder for the people of Darfur in 2007.

Over the holidays, tell your friends and family what they can do to end genocide in Darfur. Meet with your members of Congress, who will be in their districts over the break. Contact your local Representatives and Senators and ask them to support your state’s divestment from Sudan. Please keep the people of Darfur on your mind and in your heart over the holidays, and help continue our fight to end genocide.

Have a little down-time over the break? The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is sponsoring an op-ed contest for students. Write about what more you think students can do to end the genocide in Darfur, and have the opportunity to be judged by New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof; Illinois Senator, Barack Obama; and Former Secretary of State, Madeline
Albright. The 2 winners will get to visit Washington, DC, to attend various anti-genocide events.

Sprint for Darfur

Help get peacekeeping “boots” on the ground in Darfur by strapping on your own boots (or running shoes) for a public sprint to raise awareness, resources and political pressure to stop the genocide. Join Africa Action and the Genocide Intervention Network and host a “sprint” in your hometown. Invite participants to get pledges from friends, families and co-workers to sponsor the run.

Invite them to give an amount of money per meter or per second and to sign a letter or postcard to President Bush that asks for his increased leadership to break the deadlock on Darfur.

More information on Sprint for Darfur…

Interact with Refugees in Darfur

For 14 days, i-Act (Interactive Activism) will be meeting with refugees on the Chad-Darfur border. You can interact with the victims of the ongoing genocide in Darfur. The i- ACT team will video-webcast their interviews with the refugees.

Visit today to hear the voices of the people we are working so hard to protect. Add your voice. Listen to their stories.

Use Your Technology Skills to Stop Genocide

Do you like to write? Do you like working with websites? Do you care about stopping genocide? Then the STAND technology coordinator position is the perfect job for you! As tech coordinator, you would help shape STAND’s online message and develop STAND’s online outreach. You would also serve as a member of STAND’s Executive Committee, helping to shape the strategy and direction of the student movement.

Peace in Darfur,

Erin Mazursky
Executive Director
Georgetown ’07


One response to “STAND notes.

  1. Dan Burke

    December 23, 2006 at 1:00 am

    Here is one innovative, audacious effort to ‘do something’ – The Darfur Wall – This site combines metaphor, Web 2.0 concepts, imagination, design vision, and hope. It aims to enlist up to 400,000 people to combat the violence in Darfur.

    A lot of people deplore the 21st century’s first genocide but feel powerless to have any impact on events that are happening so far away. The Darfur Wall is bringing thousands of these people together to empower them. There is strength in numbers.

    Don’t say you don’t know what is happening, or don’t know what to do. No one can stop the violence or end the conflict overnight, but we can all do our part, and by working together we can be effective.

    Join with thousands of others! Visit The Darfur Wall!


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