In the new year, what of Darfur?

02 Jan

What of Darfur?

International Crisis Group senior adviser John Prendergast, who has made a couple of trips to Darfur this year and tells us women in refugee camps have told him the “all too familiar story of rape, displacement and other horrors” and tells us the message from these women is very clear “please protect us”, urges continues pressure on the Sudanese government by turning up the heat and turning up the volume worldwide in regard to this tragedy.

Jean Damu a guest columnist for Final Call dot com news says “The Bush administration’s current policy of engaging the armed rebels in Darfur, while imposing strict sanctions against Khartoum, is the antithesis of Mr. Crocker’s recommendations and is intended not so much to alleviate the suffering of hundreds of thousands of victims of the civil war in Darfur as it is to destabilize the Sudanese government.”

he opines that “This conforms to the general tenor of Washington’s policies toward Africa since the 1994 ending of the apartheid era in South Africa. It is a policy that positions the U.S. in a dominant role to exploit the continent for its natural resource riches, especially its vast amount of oil”.

He mentions China nowhere in his article although surely China should be mentioned.

“This seems a strange means by which to achieve peace in Darfur, creating unity between the rebel organizations and isolating the national government. A more fair and realistic approach would be to engage both the government and rebels to negotiate solutions to common grievances.”

Placating the tyrannical dictator, who has thus far rated politics and wealth over the well being and lives of his people, sure. I know there are great faults within the policy and procedures of the UN and of the U.S. but this article seems a little disingenuous at this time.

The national government of Sudan is largely responsible for the death of their own people, so maybe leaving them out is a good thing. After all if they really cared they could have ended this long ago.

Besides, word on the street is that the U.S. is not the big kahuna any longer.

U.S. influence dwindles on a restless continent

And again…

Again Darfurian refugees beg the UN to protect them.

One hardly knows what to think any longer.

Keep the pressure on, keep writing online, to your representatives, to the President of the United States, all of Europe, China, to the UN, to the world.


2 responses to “In the new year, what of Darfur?

  1. Anton Udugama

    January 2, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    There is no time to negotiate with the Sudanese Govt, its time to act if the people in Darfurian region are going to be saved. The US, China,need to accept their responsibility
    for their “tongue in the cheek” talk about calling for International action on darfur -entertaining Gosh, the Sudanese Security Chief at CIA HQ in Langley is not the right message to send to these killers.Stop the hypocrisy.

  2. Kurt

    January 7, 2007 at 9:12 pm

    What makes me so furious is that the U.S. could completely end the tragedy of Darfur easily if they wanted to. For less than a tenth of the money and man-power wasted in Iraq in a month’s time, Darfur could be saved.


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