Meanwhile in Darfur

15 Jan

” Meanwhile, in the past week More than 200 people have died in clashes between ethnic African farmers and nomadic Arabs in South Darfur, leading the Sudanese government to send emissaries to try to reconcile the tribes involved, officials said Saturday.”

According to Independent Online News the ceasefire, which was supposedly negotiated by the governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson was supposed to start on a date agreed upon by the African Union and the UN.The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) says differently however, and there appears to be other factions of the NRF who feel the same way.

“This declaration of ceasefire is unilateral by the government. There is no coordination with JEM at all,” JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim told Reuters from Darfur on Monday.

Politics still trumps life in Darfur.

Sudan Watch points to Jon Pranks weblog where he where he writes, after being declared a persona non grata, of the UN’s hesitation to provoke the government of Sudan.

I suggest highly that you read Pronk’s weblog to get a clearer picture of what we are dealing with here. This is not something a couple of documentaries and a few heart wrenching photographs is going to solve. Unless the said documentaries and photographs and even the pontification and rhetoric found all over the place today, is followed by some succinct and continual action it is all for naught.

The government of Sudan has been allowing the murder of their own people for some time, they do what they want and are not held accountable. The world has allowed it in the name of politics, power and economics – or maybe it’s more like greed and self interest.

It seems almost useless to bother with websites which point this out, but it is necessary that we do.

We must keep pressure on our governments and the governments of other countries and I highly suggest a boycott Olympics in Beijing. The reasons have been stated here before and will be again I’m sure.

I’m back in school and hope to be able to continue updating this on a regular basis. You can however read some very fine web-logs on Darfur starting with the blog which was doing this long before anyone else The Coalition for Darfur. My sidebar is full of them and I’m certain you can find more.

Do not, under any circumstance let the evident dick-less-ness of the UN, and the relative hopelessness that appears to come from their lack of gonads deter you from doing what you must do.

We must not only “not forget”, we must halt this atrocity.


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