Message from Stand

23 Jan

In the next week, the African Union (AU) will determine its next leader. Currently, the genocidal regime in Sudan, led by brutal dictator Omar al-Bashir, is scheduled to take command. We can, and must, stop this from happening.

The AU is the only force protecting civilians in Darfur. Without their presence, hundreds of thousands of more Darfurians may lose their livelihood. It is inconcievable that Sudan chairs this vital force. If this occurs, it will endanger the peacekeeping force and the potential for a long-term solution in Darfur.

Write a message to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today urging her to ensure Sudan does not become chair of the AU!

The decision on the AU leadership will be made at the African Union summit, which will be held from January 23–30. As of last week, the United States declined to oppose Sudan’s bid for the AU presidency. Tell Condoleezza Rice that Sudan cannot be allowed to head the African Union. Please act now.

Ask Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to do everything in her power to ensure that Sudan does not chair the African Union!

—Alexa Malishchak, Advocacy Director, STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition

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Posted by on January 23, 2007 in Africa, Bookmarks, genocide, Justice and Equality


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