The travesty continues.

28 Jan

Ban Ki-Moon will be at the African union Summit in Addis Ababa on the 29th. The crisis in Darfur should be paramount on his list of area conflicts.

The push to prevent the tyrannical regime of Khartoum from heading the African Union should also be at the forefront.

Khartoum has made it clear they intend to hold the African Union to the agreement made last year despite the fact that it was probably made with the assumption that this horrific legacy of murder, rape and displacement of the governments own people would have been halted and various peace treaties would have been initiated and upheld.

This my friends is a travesty, one of many in what is fast becoming one of the biggest human and political travesties of the century.

This can not occur. How can a government which has allowed for the continued murder, rape and displacement of out;s own people in charge of the body which is supposed to protect these people?

According to the Sudan Tribune, by way of the Sudanese Thinker we know that Chad is not happy with this and will withdraw from the African Union should this sick joke be played out.

Here is to hoping that the new Secretary-General of the UN can give the UN something it has not had in some time.

Some gonads.


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