A Few Minor Details – Darfur.

08 Feb

Early Afternoon Darfur

Easy for me to sit here sipping on coffee and complaining that the coffee is not hot enough.

If only others in the world had such a luxury. I guess when you are busy just trying to survive in a refugee camp, and keep your children from starving while remembering ( or trying to forget) the the horror of the rape you suffered through – while your children watched and your husband was murdered – takes up too much time.

Darfur: This will haunt us, and it should.

There are still significant security concerns in Darfur which are preventing necessary aid from reaching those how need it most.

Despite the continued promise of Sanctions against the Sundan by the US there is yet to be a commitment of any degree by the UN members states in the way of troops.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, is still waiting around with his finger up his butt, for a clear agreement from the tyrannical powers at the head of the government of Darfur, according to most reports there are only a few minor details to work out.

A few minor details.

National Geographic News Photo Gallery

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