Help others Help Darfur.

12 Feb

I’m not going to parrot the news here; if you noticed we have stopped doing that because it really is of no use and every day a new site crops up which does nothing more than the exact same thing we have been doing since last April and the Coalition for Darfur has been doing for years. I think the more the merrier if it gets people to see what is going on but still we want to try to put things in perspective here.

We’ve noted for some time that China has a big part in this and now it seems others are catching on, that is a good thing. We do need to keep the fact of China, her complicity in the genocide by her dealings with Sudan and her silence in regard to the genocide. Take that and China’s human rights violations into account as we think about the Olympics. We need to force China to put more pressure on the leadership of the Sudan by threat of boycott.

We have also noticed both via it’s coverage in the news and via communication with people from other parts of the world that although many in this country are still blissfully unaware of this travesty, in Europe is even worse. Face it here there are probably still those unaware that we have an idiot for a president, they certainly are not going of be aware of a genocide taking place half a world away, but we do have a growing awareness and a growing base of activists here; the rest of the world needs to follow suit.

In Africa where Europeans historically were the colonizers they can’t continue to ignore, pretending they don’t see. It is after all the United Nations not the United Stations.

Our friends at Italian Blogs for Darfur would like our help in forcing the Italian Media to pay more attention to Darfur, so please take the time to do so here.

If nothing else keep writing you representatives, your media, your friends. It is time for this to end.

Please review all the links we have on out sidebar in regard to Darfur and do what you can.


One response to “Help others Help Darfur.

  1. Through Gracepeace

    February 18, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    The Wordless Voice of Virtue

    Whenever a heart has become so hard
    that Virtue cries till tearless
    hatred births a slaughters gore
    then poisons weary justice

    Revenge is the fuel for the fires of Hell
    thus Satan fears forgiveness
    for grace not only quells his flames
    it weakens his dominion

    True hearted Virtue’s the mother of shame
    through grace, disgrace will cease
    her wordless silent voice proclaims

    Through …………. Grace …………… Peace


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