One Day there will be no Darfur to raise awareness for.

26 Feb

The more things change the more they remain the same.

While the African Union sits by hoping for the UN Peacekeeping troops, troops which Bashir refuses saying it would put Sudan under the trusteeship of the United Nations, the violence of Darfur is spilling over into Chad and leaders there are desperate for deployment of UN Troops to protect refugees and stop the spilling of refugees over the border.

We have Buffett acting blissfully unaware or blind.

Word also has it now that the nomadic Arabs – rumored to have been supplied with arms by the Sudanese government – have plundered all the farms belonging to African farmers, murdered them, raped their women and starved their children are now killing each other.

Have no fear though, Angelina Jolie to the rescue. Angelina in Africa to raise awareness.

Soon there will be no Darfur to make people aware of.

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Posted by on February 26, 2007 in Africa, Bookmarks, Chad, Divestment, genocide, rape, war


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