A press release from International Crisis Group.

16 Mar

A press release from International Crisis Group.

The International Crisis Group is very pleased to announce an important new advocacy project to galvanise U.S. public opinion to prevent and respond to mass atrocities. The project will initially focus on Darfur/Chad, DR Congo and northern Uganda.

ENOUGH, a joint project of Crisis Group and the Center for American Progress, is determined to help bring an end to the crimes against humanity being perpetrated in Darfur, northern Uganda and eastern Congo, and to prevent future mass atrocities.

While Crisis Group is a co-sponsor of the campaign, ENOUGH is being run as a separate campaign organisation, so after the first month, if you would like to continue to receive information about ENOUGH, please sign up for their separate update email at You can also find a link to the ENOUGH website on Crisis Group’s homepage at

You can get the full version at the bottom of this page.


One response to “A press release from International Crisis Group.

  1. Manchild

    March 21, 2007 at 3:39 am

    I’m pleasantly pleased to see and hear that the rest of humanity’s global village is no longer turning a blind eye to what is nothing less than “genocide.”

    I’ve heard the media use the term “ethnic cleansing.” But isn’t ethnic cleansing just a “kinder and gentler” way to say genocide?

    Thank you for the information and the links. Peace.


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