The World View is indicates a “responsibility to protect”

10 Apr

From Open Democracy

Andrew Stroehlein
Gareth Evans

The “responsibility to protect” peoples in distress has the support of global public opinion, finds new research. What does that mean for crisis-areas such as Darfur? Gareth Evans & Andrew Stroehlein of the International Crisis Group report.

The world is paying attention and there is some indication that people are getting it.

Three years after many started to sound the alarm

On the broader question of whether the United Nations Security Council has the “responsibility to authorise the use of military force to prevent severe human rights violations such as genocide, even against the will of their own government”, strong majorities in many countries replied favourably. 74% of Americans agreed, along with 69% of Palestinians, 66% of Armenians, 64% of Israelis, 54% of French and Poles and 51% of Indians. And all populations polled were more in favour than opposed.

This is a heartening result. People around the world do feel a fundamental obligation to halt mass atrocities wherever they occur, by whatever means necessary. In short, the “responsibility to protect” doctrine (or “R2P” as it is coming to be abbreviated), has gained real street-credibility, notwithstanding the rearguard action being mounted against it by a number of states who hate the idea of any constraints on their sovereign power.

Read the report and then say…what of it all? WE can analyze until we are blue in the face and we still have the same old same old.

Heartening thata large part of the world now feels informed on the subject of Daefur , but as we sit here helpless is it enough to be informed? If knowledge is power the best we can do as bloggers is keep writing and spreading the word.

The best we can do as activists is participate on any level we can be it divestment, pressuring elected officials, soliciting funds for humanitarian aid.

China wants this whole thing settled diplomatically according to Reuters. Nosurprise of course but three years of murder and displacement does not bode well for diplomacy.
The Sudan Tribune has a most interesting article by Sudan Tribune journalist wasil Ali titled
US and UK megaphone diplomacy on Darfur?
suggested reading.


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