Consider This.

16 Apr

Consider the horror people here in the United States, including myself, are feeling over the mass murder of thirty-two people on the campus of Virginia Tech University.

We are all looking on in horror. How can this happen here?

We feel a deep sickness in the pit of our stomach.

The news has been covering it non-stop since it was first announced.

” Darfur has been embroiled in a deadly conflict for over three years. At least 400,000 people have been killed; more than 2 million innocent civilians have been forced to flee their homes and now live in displaced-persons camps in Sudan or in refugee camps in neighboring Chad; and more than 3.5 million men, women, and children are completely reliant on international aid for survival. Not since the Rwandan genocide of 1994 has the world seen such a calculated campaign of displacement, starvation, rape, and mass slaughter.”

We can only hope and remain as active as possible to ensure that something is done soon.

Today via NYT – Africa

Sudan Drops Objections to U.N. Aid in Darfur


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