Quick note, Divestment, Arab Media and Journalistic Access to Darfur

18 May

Fidelity Cuts Stake in Oil Firm in Darfur

The Boston company refuses to say divestment stemmed from activist pressure.

From the Daily Star in Lebanon an op-ed Arab media and concerns over Darfur

To help shape some of this discussion, my organization, the Arab American Institute, working with the Washington-based Save Darfur Coalition, conducted a poll of Arabs and Muslims in six countries (Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey and Malaysia). The poll, carried out by Zogby International, produced findings that shattered the myth that Arabs and Muslims are indifferent to the suffering of the people in Darfur.

From All Africa dot com – Sudan: IPI Resolution on Full Access to Darfur for Journalists

Meeting at its Annual General Assembly on 14 May 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey, the IPI membership adopted a resolution calling on the government to grant all journalists full access to the Darfur region and to halt its repression of local media and journalists in Sudan over the last 14 months.

The security services have reviewed the contents of local newspapers before publication; some newspapers have been banned. In the same period, local and foreign journalists have been arrested and others intimidated or beaten by the security services.

These bureaucratic barriers include the need for special permits from the security services and a requirement to produce photocopies of travel permits at Interior Ministry offices to travel in Sudan.

The government also has an informal “blacklist” of foreign journalists who manage to evade these obstacles, and who produce critical reports.

Foreign journalists have sought to enter Sudan through Chad without visas. As a consequence, foreign journalists have been arrested and charged with espionage and false reporting.


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