Don Cheadle Friday on The Henry Rollin’s Show – IRC uncut.

07 Jun

“The direct attempt to destroy a people, by starvation, by murder, by rape…is something that I believe brings down everyone in the world if it is allowed to go unchecked. I believe it is the highest crime that human beings can commit.”

Don Cheadle on The Henry Rollins Show this Friday

This Friday…Henry sits down with Don Cheadle to discuss Darfur, genocide and how to make a difference.

Episode 9 – Premieres Friday, June 8 – You may go through to the web site and click on reminder.

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One response to “Don Cheadle Friday on The Henry Rollin’s Show – IRC uncut.

  1. jbk

    June 8, 2007 at 2:36 am

    Hi, just a note about something cool Rollins is doing that you should go for – he’s looking for someone to tape a short video “rant” and the person who does the one he chooses will meet Henry and be put on the air in a MAJOR way on IFC (Independent Film Channel) where his talk show airs.

    Henry will choose someone who makes a 30-second video commentary on one of 11 hot topics, fly them to L.A., and have them host the upcoming “Rollins Show” Marathon on IFC.

    Please go to and record and upload a 30-second video “rant” on one of the topics that Henry has selected (including abortion rights, has the Iraq war made us safer? Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina, is America a dumb country? global warming, etc.)

    All entries will be watched by, and the winner chosen solely by, Henry. He encourages anyone to enter, no matter their political persuasion – his only requirement: have “passion and attitude!”

    The person he chooses will be flown to Los Angeles, meet Henry, and serve as host of the upcoming “Rollins Show” Marathon on IFC.

    Henry explains it all at


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