China – Olympics and Darfur

15 Jun

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Farrow to kick off torch relay to protest China’s Darfur stance
Friday, June 15, 2007
By Sarah Dilorenzo, NEW YORK, AP

Actress Mia Farrow unveiled plans for an Olympic-style torch relay beginning this summer as part of a campaign aimed at shaming China into cutting support for Sudan over its role in the Darfur conflict.

Farrow, a U.N. goodwill ambassador, and a new activist group called Dream for Darfur are hoping to use the spotlight of the 2008 Beijing Olympics to draw attention to China’s economic and diplomatic support for Sudan. China buys two-thirds of Sudan’s oil and has close commercial ties with Khartoum.

They are asking China to suspend debt relief for Sudan, end arms transfers to the regime, and increase diplomatic pressure on the Sudanese government.

Jill Savitt, director of Dream for Darfur, said the organization hopes China will act before the games, reaffirming the Olympics as a symbol of “world peace through sporting.”

“It’s irreconcilable for the host of the Olympics to also be complicit in an ongoing genocide,” Savitt said in a telephone news conference Wednesday.

Telephone Press Conference: Mia Farrow and Eric Reeves Announce Launch of Olympic Dream for Darfur

Relay planned to protest China’s ties with Sudan – Associated Press


One response to “China – Olympics and Darfur

  1. weirsdo

    June 15, 2007 at 5:24 pm

    Embarrassing China does seem like our best hope for change.


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