Every Little Bit

25 Jun

Wayne Coyne asks “ Are we really able to help, just by singing songs?”

“Yeah. You buy an album of Lennon songs and somehow you can go home like you’ve helped starving kids,” says the dry, laconic Coyne in his Oklahoma drawl. “It does seem too easy.”

“Yeah, I guess,” he concedes, and cackles. Bono might get affronted but Coyne is way off-message already. “This idea of ‘raising awareness’ is strange to me, because if you’re not aware of Darfur by now it probably means that you don’t care, and if you don’t care then what good is any of it doing?”

The money is always needed for aid, but he has some very good points.

In the meantime there is some fear

There is indication that the media is moving on, if they were ever there.

Do not let the media move on.


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