Late Night Darfur

27 Jun

It’s almost two in the morning here. I have to work early and should be sound asleep.
How can one worry about sleep and getting up early and maybe being a little tired though?

One wonders in the empty hours.

What of life if all life is not precious to all who hold it?

What of life not lived to it’s fullest. Life torn down, torn apart, shattered to pieces daily.

What of life when one must flee their home and live in squalor at a camp set up by people who themselves are beginning to wonder what good?

How does it feel, living under that tent, in the same country where others are sipping cool tea in a modern cafe?

A place with water and food, where one might reasonably assume one could walk out of their home without being raped?

My writing may suck, but the news out of Darfur sucks more.

That I can’t sleep for it is almost a blessing. How such horrors occurs in such a small world is still such a mystery to me. I often think my could explode at the attempt to comprehend it all.

What must their heads feel like?

Or their hearts?

They came, they met, they agreed that more must be done, but a gathering aimed at solving the crisis in Sudan’s Darfur region ended on Monday with little visible progress.


2 responses to “Late Night Darfur

  1. Texas_JAM

    June 27, 2007 at 2:15 pm

    My 2 cents: I wonder why our esteemed media never points out that the vast majority of those being slaughtered in Darfu are Christian and those doing the killing are Islamic. I am also sick of China and Russia putting up every type of delaying tatic at the UN. The UN gets nothing done except for scandals and collecting money. They didn’t do anything for Cambodia, Rawanda, Indonesia, Arab-Israeli conflict, Bosnia, Liberia, Chechnya, etc.

  2. cooper

    June 27, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    Our media rarely covers Darfur unless a celebrity is along for the ride. If you read anything about Darfur in full it is fairly clear what is happening and to whom. What is not always made clear is the multitude circumstances surrounding these atrocities as well as its relationship, if any, to previous and ongoing conflicts. It is often much easier to comprehend if it is blamed totally on Islamic Rebels but the blame lies in a multitude of places.

    The UN has been a rather useless body for some time. This has very little to do with China and Russia individually, and a lot more to do with the UN itself.

    China on the other hand has the upper hand right now in some respects, as we have our hand as a nation in their pockets and we do not want to take it out.


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