Darfurians Wait and Die

02 Jul

From All Africa dot com : No Solution Over Darfur Crisis
A conference to which Sudan doesn’t show, nor does the African Union. The reasons may or may not be clear. Pledges and rhetoric and as stated at the end Darfurians Wait and Die.

But we have yet again, China to search for oil in Sudan

China’s biggest oil company CNPC has reached a deal with Sudan to search for oil and gas in the north of the country on the coast of the Red Sea.

That there is no disagreement that the mass poverty and lack of water needs to be addressed. But what also needs to be addressed and now is the continuing death and dying of Darfurians. They can’t wait, it’s already too late.

Anne Richard, the International Rescue Committee’s vice president of advocacy, testified about the plight of Africa’s refugees before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on June 20, World Refugee Day. Richard updated the representatives on recent developments in Darfur, Sudan, among other crises:

In Darfur, people continue to flee their homes in large numbers. Since the signing one year ago of the largely ineffective Darfur Peace Agreement, there have been around 450,000 more civilians displaced – many for the second or third time. 140,000 have fled since the start of 2007. This spring we have seen renewed, intensified aerial bombing campaigns and attacks on civilians.

These new displacements have severely impacted an already strained humanitarian response. Many of the camps around Nyala and El Fasher towns are now operating at or above capacity, yet people continue to arrive. In North Darfur in particular, there is increasing pressure on scarce and depleted natural resources and water shortages have been reported in several camps.

Since the start of 2007, aid agencies’ ability to access people in need has fallen to its lowest level in three years. Targeted attacks on aid workers and operations are increasing and now occurring on a daily basis. During April alone, there were at least 25 incidents of hijackings, attempted hijackings or looting of humanitarian vehicles, in addition to armed robberies of INGO compounds and violent assaults on staff. Three aid workers were shot and wounded, and more than 20 temporarily abducted – one for a period of six days. Many more face regular harassment and intimidation. This trend has continued.

read more at IRC: Recent Developments in Darfur.

Please read Enough: What can be Done.


One response to “Darfurians Wait and Die

  1. BillyWarhol

    July 12, 2007 at 12:22 am

    it’s frightening*

    i know a group went over from London, Ontario + they had a tough time even talking about it when they got back* We in the West are completely clued out on this*

    sickens me too to think we are wasting $12 Billion Dollars a Month on an illegal War in Iraq that could obviously be put to much better use Saving people’s lives here*



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