Weekend catch-up Darfur.

08 Jul

In The Sunday Herald –

The United Nations project covering one of the world’s worst conflicts is leaderless. Steve Bloomfield in Nairobi asks why the UN is turning a blind eye to genocide in Sudan.

In The Sunday Herald – Mission Untenable

Note is taken that the desk of Jan Pronk, former Special Representative of the Secretary General and Head of Mission for the United Nations Mission in Sudan – booted out last October by the government of Sudan after some rather undiplomatic comments written on his blog – has yet to be replaced. His office in

The former Secretary General of the United Nations didn’t appoint someone due to the fact that he was leaving n two months and he felt it better his successor choose the replacement. The current Secretary General of the U.N. Ban Ki Moon has yet to replace Pronk so the office in Khartoum remains empty.

No one in Sudan

Not as much pressure.

According to the Herald it’s been reported that “One senior aid agency official based in Sudan said the UN is “running around like a headless chicken”.

In the meantime more rhetoric from United Nations envoy to Sudan Jan Eliasson, who Sunday said the “moment of truth” for the country’s war-torn western region of Darfur is imminent.

“Preparing for a meeting in Tripoli We are now on a daily contact with the movements and we hope that, by the (July 15) meeting in Tripoli… we will start what we call the pre-negotiation period” of shuttle diplomacy, the former Swedish foreign minister said.
The Tripoli meeting on Darfur, to which 13 countries have been invited, will mark the end of the “convergence” phase for initiatives put forward by various countries including Libya, Eritrea and Egypt to end the crisis.”


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