Kristoff and….Kristoff

16 Jul

If you have access to Times Select, Kristoff’s column today He Rang the Alarm on Darfur

Some day an American president will visit a genocide museum in Darfur and repeat the standard refrain: If only we had known …

But that excuse will ring hollow, because there was a whistle-blower in the heart of the Bush administration. Roger Winter, whom President Bush had appointed in 2001 to a senior post in the U.S. Agency for International Development, frantically tried to ring alarm bells — but instead the administration turned away.

If there was a hero within the U.S. government on Darfur, it was Mr. Winter. But it was doubly frustrating for him because in 1994 he had the same experience during the Clinton administration, when he was running a refugee organization and desperately trying to galvanize officials to respond to the Rwandan genocide.

There is also a comment section for this particular post Your Comments on the Darfur Whistle-Blower. I encourage you to use it.

The question of a no fly zone, which many humanitarian organizations feel will only end up hurting the Darfurians – already the victims here, is a complicated one. The question is: Is the only way to stop this ongoing travesty to inflict, if only temporarily, more horror and pain by almost assuredly decreasing humanitarian aid and possibly harming humanitarian workers by instituting a NFZ?

It is true that awareness of this situation has increased but it is also true that most Americans
just look sad and say “it’s horrible what’s happening over there”.

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One response to “Kristoff and….Kristoff

  1. Jeremy

    July 16, 2007 at 8:46 pm

    You could ring a bell, hold up a sign, write it in the sky, or god forbid, send a memo and our pitiful president would still do nothing about it. His [Bush] incompetence astounds me on a daily basis. His money-hungry, self-serving agenda does not allow for “little problems” like this one. We live in a sick, sad world and unfortunately our president is one of the sickest, saddest people in existence.


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