Enough in Darfur

26 Jul

According to Voice of America sanctions were dropped by the European sponsors of a draft resolution meant to authorize an expanded peacekeeping force in Darfur. All of this in order to pacify the tyrannical governments in Africa who oppose such penalties.

South Africa, Republic of Congo and Ghana were consulted on the agreement by France and Britain, co-sponsors of the bill. The aforementioned African countries along with China, no big surprise, opposed a provision which stated further measures could be taken if Sudan did not comply with an expanded peace keeping mission.

With the language of the resolution changed China’s ambassador to the U.N. Wang Guangya says there is more of chance of acceptance – negotiations continue.

In the meantime the Sudanese government has criticized the resolution as “ugly and awful” without consideration to the ugly and awful situation they provoked by arming Janaweed and encouraging discord among their own people thus instigating, and now perpetuating, a situation considered a genocide by many.

Voice of America also noted today that a Washington based group committed to ending the genocide in Darfur, and with Olympic speed skater Joey Cheek as the doorbell ringer, delivered a petition with forty thousand plus signatures to the Chinese embassy in Washington. The petition was requesting that China act to protect the civilians in Darfur.

What better way than to have an Olympic medalist deliver the message to a country hoping to have a grand Olympic. A country who given it’s history of oppression and human right violations should never had been given this privilege to begin with, a country which has a lot to prove as well as a lot at stake with the coming Olympics in Beijing.

The Enough Project states, in a strategy paper released today “using military force with no preparation for its consequences would make matters much worse on the ground in Darfur” the project promotes a campaign to monitor, name, shame, and sanction the Sudanese regime through the UN Security Council for violations of the Council’s Resolution 1591, which bans offensive military flights over Darfur”.

The Enough Project mission is to “end genocide and crimes against humanity” released their most recent briefing, by John Prendergast and Julia Spiegel, today:

“As part of its continuing effort to crush Darfur’s rebellion by attacking civilian populations purported to be supportive of the rebels, the Sudanese regime has again stepped up its aerial bombing campaign, the most definitive tactical advantage the government possesses.” It also addresses what form of pressure would most effectively influence the regime to stop using aerial bombardment as a part of its offensive military operations in Darfur.”

I encourage all to download and read the latest briefing form ENOUGH here.


2 responses to “Enough in Darfur

  1. ilovemylife

    July 26, 2007 at 11:23 pm

    Thanks for leaving a link/comment on MyBlogLog page to here. I am an activist on this very issue in Rhode Island, USA.

    Today, I attended the press conference at the Rhode Island State House where Governor Carcieri “publicly” signed the RI Divestment bill today that he already had signed privately about a month ago.


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