Yes Virginia it is a Genocide.

17 Aug

Yes Virginia it’s still a GENOCIDE

The US has reiterated its position on branding the Darfur conflict as genocide.

I want to point out Eric Reeves latest.
Darfur Mortality: Shoddy Journalism at the New York Times

I will be writing at length about this truly disgraceful and destructive piece of shoddy work, with includes some of the most egregious errors I’ve seen in almost nine years of assessing journalists reporting on Sudan. But since Dealey has, apparently effortlessly and without qualms, produced what is to date demonstrably the most inaccurate and misleading account of Darfur mortality, some preliminary reckoning is called for.

Darfur force should be based on experience, not nationality, group says

Getting experienced peacekeeping troops quickly onto the ground in Sudan’s war torn western region of Darfur is more important than just ensuring they are all African, an international human rights group said Thursday.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch wrote African Union Chairman Alpha Oumar Konare and U.N. Undersecretary Jean-Marie Guehenno a letter cautioning that adherence to Sudan’s wish for the proposed force be entirely African could delay its much needed deployment.

Under Ideal conditions it would certainly be preferable to allow the African continent to handle this with African troops. Since the onset of this conflict there have been no ideal conditions. There are not enough trained troops.

Do you suppose that Darfurians care who ends this horror for them? Should we concede to a diplomatic and political protocol, and agree it would be better to allow Africa to handle this at the continued expense of the lives of the people in Darfur?

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