Andrew Natsios to Sudan as Releif workers cut back in Darfur.

28 Sep

The Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines gave the too little too late speech on Darfur at the United Nation General Assembly today.

UN actions to end Darfur ‘genocide’ too little, too late


US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte, called for the Darfur armed opposition groups to attend the Darfur peace conference scheduled for late October in the Libyan capital Tripoli, giving what has been described as pleasant surprise to the Sudanese governementt. Bashir still calls the groups “armed bandits that have given themselves a political dimension”, and claimed these groups were still looting and attacking humanitarian groups.

The groups deny this of course, but OXFAM claims rapes and murders of humanitarian workers have occurred and they threatening to pull out.

According to Sudan Liberation Army Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Al-Nou, the leader of the most powerful faction, talks in Tripoli will be meaningless – without peace there is no room for peacekeepers.


Relief agency World Vision has scaled back its operations
in South Darfur after its staff suffered three attacks within a week, an agency official said on Thursday.

“World Vision has not suspended operations — we have scaled down,” Michael Arunga, communications manager for World Vision, told Reuters. “There have been three attacks in one week … involving our staff.”

All the while US Sudan envoy Andrew Natsios on Thursday began a 10-day visit to Sudan, focused on the war-torn western region of Darfur.


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