Campaigns For Burma

01 Oct

We briefly interrupt this story to encourage you to become active in the quest for some kind of resolution to the problem in Burma.

As in Darfur, China takes significant benefit from Burma’s natural resources. We encourage China, again, to try to play a more active role in this situation.

China earlier this week came out against UN sanctions against the murdering generals in Burma. China, always the diplomat, and alway so eager to force diplomacy in situations where their economic harvest is so grand.

China, beneficiary of the Olympics as well, has yet to play their “positive role” card. They have not done it to the degree they are able in Darfur. It remains to be seen what, if anything, they will do to stymie the situation in Burma.

Nay Tin Myint, a founder of Burma’s National League for Democracy Youth and the ’88 Generation Students group spend fifteen years in a Burmese prison. Has commentary in the WSJ. Burmese Days. A worthy read which he ends with…….

The world was not watching in 1988 when thousands were killed by the guns of the regime. They are watching now. The people of Burma must not be let down again.

And while you are at it tell me why I can find a wikipedic definition for every lame ass cracked out pop star but not one for Nay Tin Myint????

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  1. weirsdo

    October 3, 2007 at 12:13 am

    His name’s funny? I mean, not like, you know, “Paris Hilton.”


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