Global Day of Action for Burma

06 Oct

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According to Voice of Amercia
Monks who fled Burma are returning to continue the fight for democracy.

David Jimenez , Asia correspondent for El Mundo of Spain and one of the few foreign reporters to slip into Rangoon, witnessed the junta’s brutal crackdown on monk-led Burmese protesters gives us a rare look inside Burma.

He is just a teenager, with his head shaved and his body draped in the red-saffron tunic that has given its name to the revolution. The monk gets up from the floor in a cloud of tear gas and picks up his glasses, broken by the impact of a rifle to his head. Disoriented, he asks me: “Who is going to help us?

“Do they know in your country what’s happening here? Why is nobody coming to help?”

Now it seems the Burmese are about to be left alone once again to confront the darkness. Without the world bearing witness, the darkness will be all-enveloping.


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2 responses to “Global Day of Action for Burma

  1. Yobachi

    October 8, 2007 at 9:59 am

    Hmmm, how do we help them?

    Can Burma be sanctioned in any meaningful way without China?

    China has already shown it doesn’t care about this type of thing with Darfur. And the last thing the world needs is the U.S. invading another country to save it from dictors only to bring the great democracy it’s brought to Iraq. Plus China wouldn’t allow it anyway – an American invasion on it’s back door step.

    I guess we could try to pressure china to get Burma’s military to ease up, but again, it hasn’t worked so far with Darfur, and with China being the biggest market in the world their’s not alot of reason to be optomistic that the people in power will move substantively in that direction.

    I guess the Olympic dream for Darfur can simply add Burma to the list.


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