Taking My Cue From the Sundanese Thinker.

10 Oct

For those of you not familiar with Drima he is according to his bio: “a 20 year old Sudanese Afro-Arab guy and I passionately love my country even though in many ways I realize it’s a complete disaster. The fact, that I criticize so many things about Sudan doesn’t mean I hate it. On the contrary it just means I care about it a lot and I want what’s best for all Sudanese regardless of tribe, skin-color, race or religion.”

“a pro-democracy, anti-communist, caring capitalist, HUGE fan of American pop culture (Friends anyone?), grateful consumer of Western products (Danish cheese anyone?), NOT a fan of various aspects of America’s foreign policy, certainly NOT a fan of Muslim extremists, anti-Wahhabi, strong believer in the notion “the pen is mightier than the sword”, non-conformist, independent thinking kind of guy seeking to expand his mind by engaging in productive, open-minded and peaceful discussions”

I started reading Drima ( The Sudanese Thinker) quite some time ago thanks to Jason. I get around to all blogs less often than I used to but made it to Dirma’s yesterday and found a post I’d like to share.

“Tweaking” the Narrative of the Darfur Cause in America

It is is essence a review of a review of documentary The Devil Came on Horseback.

For those who wish to see this situation from a different perspective, and use this as a tool to fill out your ability to possibly see where reasonable solutions lie, I suggest reading this post and many of the posts regarding the situation in Darfur that Drima has written.

Although I am a great supporter of humanitarian efforts and activism regarding Darfur, it is very important that we know and are aware of the whole picture. Good intentions are only a very small part of the battle.


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2 responses to “Taking My Cue From the Sundanese Thinker.

  1. marranci

    October 14, 2007 at 1:14 pm

    You are particularly right when you say that it is important that we know and are aware of the whole picture.
    I have tried to offer a short review of the situation, and some reflections on this tragedy in my blog.
    Best wishes

  2. ilovemylife

    October 16, 2007 at 3:32 am

    Very informative blog. Thank you for your dedication to this important human rights issue to live out life.


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