Monday Night Darfur

16 Oct

Two links of note for today on the sidebar and below. A couple of posts from The Economist and the latest from the International Crisis Group.

North-south divide: A peace deal in Sudan is starting to fray

Sudan: Breaking the Abyei DeadlockThe worsening violence in Darfur -The Economist

The worsening violence in Darfur -The Economist

The whole discussion on Genocide is getting worn. People were/are dead, dying, murdered, raped in significant enough numbers for some to call it a Genocide. Others to want to pontificate, is it genocide or is it just heinous crimes as significant as genocide. In the end it doesn’t matter, people are still displaced, murdered, raped, and starving.

In The Human-Rights Vacuum: Time,  – Samantha Power – connects the dissipation of American influence to the reason why the US has had little success as a behemoth for change, despite a strong stand regarding the situations in Burma and Darfur . With the United States having a waning influence there has been no one else to step up to lead on the front of human rights.

Pointing out again China….is disinclined to do it.

China with their 2008 Olympics coming up.

China, where hundreds of thousands of people with travel soon, maybe even movie stars, maybe even movie stars who have protested China’s disinclination to take a heavier and less diplomatic stand on Darfur.

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