Weekend Darfur

28 Oct

In pictures: Festival in Darfur

These very real and beautiful human beings want a better life.

The Peace talks will begin, without a majority of the rebel factions.

Almost two days into the talks and after a unilateral ceasefire by the government of Sudan, the fact that significant rebel leaders are missing has provoked an increasing pessimism as to any long term affects the talks will have.

And here we have what appears to be another form of profiteering in the name of good intentions. I do know know enough about this situation to make a certain judgment. I hope I have it wrong. * 10/31/2007 EU force readying to deploy around Darfur despite French charity fiasco

Darfur Now good intentions opens on limited release November 2nd. A movie of hope it has been called. See it if you can.

As this tragedy in Darfur appears interminable as well as unsolvable despite all the attention, Josh Ruxin, for Nicholas D. Kristoff: On the Ground, wants to bring our attention to a much more solvable problem.
A Solvable Problem

Congo’s crisis is of greater human magnitude than Darfur’s, but – unlike Darfur’s – it is clearly solvable. Despite Congo’s mixture of ethnic rivalries, contested natural resources and armed interference by neighbors, why am I so confident? Because there’s a proven track record of international cooperation successfully stopping Congolese bloodletting, as it did in 2002 when a United Nations peacekeeping force helped end the four-year civil war.

Eastern Congo is experiencing a nightmarish epidemic of violence — rape, murder and pillaging — which has its roots in Rwanda’s genocide. As reported in the New York Times, groups of former Hutu militia members (who, as the FDLR, perpetrated the Rwandan genocide) continue their cruelty in Eastern Congo.


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