Darfur Now

31 Oct

According to the AP Sudanese officials have been pressuring people to leave refugee camps in its wartorn Darfur province in recent weeks, and United Nations officials say the regime has even forcibly loaded some civilians onto trucks to clear them out.

Sudan: Hybrid Force for Darfur Sets Up Base:

The African Union (AU)/UN hybrid mission in Darfur (UNAMID), which is set to replace the AU’s African Mission in Sudan (AMIS) has inaugurated its operational base in the town of El Fasher.

UNAMID, established by the Security Council in July 2007, will eventually comprise 19,555 military and 6,432 police personnel, making it one of the largest UN peacekeeping missions in history.

It is widely hoped that the hybrid force will be more effective in protecting civilians in Darfur than AMIS, which was made up of just 7,000 troops.

Video selling the fact that celebrities are the only way to let people know about Darfur. I think celebrities play a part. People, not just Americans,  can’t seem to grasps things unless some one well known tells them it’s important.  I hope that there is some thought put in to what we do to help Darfur become economically stable, as economics play a large part in this and similar travesties world wide.

Trailer for Darfur Now

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